Several U3A have come together to form The MyU3A Network to handle the management and administration of their association using the simplest and most cost-effective state-of-the-art methods.

The MyU3a Network provides maximum benefit to U3As of all sizes - from start-ups with no members to fully established U3As with 10,000+ members.

This scalability and performance has been proven over more than eight years of successful operation at a large U3A and also by several other U3As including some who implemented MyU3A prior to their start up and are now developing strongly.

MyU3A has in excess of 20,000 users and is expanding rapidy.


Business Processes

Primary Processes

  • Membership management and administration processes
  • Student enrolment - on line and/or in office
  • Course and Class Planning and Management - including timetabling
  • Course and Class operation by tutors - on line and/or in office
  • Configurable enrolment weighted preferences, priority/preferential enrolment alternatives, etc.
  • Management of class Wait lists
  • Management of Tutors
  • Management of Volunteers
  • Venue Management including budgeting and lock and key control
  • Term/Semester Calendar Management
  • Committee Management
  • Asset Management including equipment bookings for classes
  • Financial front end
  • Promotional program success monitoring

Secondary Processes

  • Class Administration: roll and attendance records
  • Member Emergency support data
  • External Venue Contracts
  • Password and Authority control
  • Membership update tracking
  • Enrolment Tracking
  • Membership and class Statistics
  • Web Activity Tracking
  • Member Applications and Approval (Committee of Management function)
  • Each U3A can override built-in categories and define their own: Membership grades, fee structures, term or semester calendars, Leader/Tutor categories, Volunteer Categories, Service Categories, patron and donation grades and categories for analysing the success of your various promotional methods.

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