Several U3A have come together to form The MyU3A Network to handle the management and administration of their association using the simplest and most cost-effective state-of-the-art methods.

The MyU3a Network provides maximum benefit to U3As of all sizes - from start-ups with no members to fully established U3As with 10,000+ members.

This scalability and performance has been proven over more than eight years of successful operation at a large U3A and also by several other U3As including some who implemented MyU3A prior to their start up and are now developing strongly.

MyU3A has in excess of 20,000 users and is expanding rapidy.


MyU3A Features for Flexibility and Reliability

Scope and Facilities.

  • Helps you manage your U3A, not just an information system.
  • Covers all the core business processes pertinent to U3As.
    • Membership;
    • Courses, classes, venues, calendar and assets;
    • Timetabling, class, tutor and student monitoring and management;
    • Logging of membership, enrolment and web activity;
    • Committee and subcomittee communication and management;
  • Interfaces to financial accounting systems
  • Infinitely scalable
  • Highly configurable. Features you don't use are not visible so complication is reduced and operation remains simple and intuitive.

The Modern Approach.

The old-fashioned "information system" focused on producing reports, reports, reports...

The modern approach is to be able to look up quickly and easily the exact information you need (just like Google) without all the extraneous clutter that is of no interest. This is the way it is done in MyU3A.  Don't look for reports, look for answers.

Database flexibility.

  • The Live database is the operational hub for your U3A.
  • A Practise database is used for training new volunteers and for familiarisation. It is refreshed from the Live database each night
  • Other separately accessible databases can be provided for reloading and examining past backups (i.e. archives).
  • Automatic version control on backups

Automated Processes

  • Class Information pages on the public web site are regenerated automatically from the live database each time they are accessed. Therefore, the class information presented to the public on the web site is always effortlessly up to the millisecond.
  • Automated onsite and offsite backups
  • Automated Lost Password control
  • Automated email distribution

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