Several U3A have come together to form The MyU3A Network to handle the management and administration of their association using the simplest and most cost-effective state-of-the-art methods.

The MyU3a Network provides maximum benefit to U3As of all sizes - from start-ups with no members to fully established U3As with 10,000+ members.

This scalability and performance has been proven over more than eight years of successful operation at a large U3A and also by several other U3As including some who implemented MyU3A prior to their start up and are now developing strongly.

MyU3A has in excess of 20,000 users and is expanding rapidy.


Other Apps

External Processes

  • Envelope or Postal Wrapper printing for mail-outs
  • Eligible voter lists for strict control of voting at general meetings.
  • The "Member Register" with just the information required under the Act, while largely preserving privacy requirements
  • Membership Fee control
  • Automated transition to the next Academic Year
  • Statistics required for reports to Network Victoria.

Email Interfaces

  • Email Distributor: Send an email to the distributor for automatic dispatch to: All members, Newletter recipients, Tutors, class members, committee/subcommittee members, etc
  • External inputs to Business Processes (eg online payments).
  • Quick email generator for distribution to selected groups of members.
  • Automated lost password emailer
  • Automated emailed reports when enrolment status changes

It should be noted that the automatic email facilities send individual emails to each person. No CCs or BCCs are used which attract spammers.

Customised Styling

If you really want to look different, your web site provider can style the appearance of front-end (public) and also the back-end (administration) pages of MyU3A to match that of your current web site.

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