Several U3A have come together to form The MyU3A Network to handle the management and administration of their association using the simplest and most cost-effective state-of-the-art methods.

The MyU3a Network provides maximum benefit to U3As of all sizes - from start-ups with no members to fully established U3As with 10,000+ members.

This scalability and performance has been proven over more than eight years of successful operation at a large U3A and also by several other U3As including some who implemented MyU3A prior to their start up and are now developing strongly.

MyU3A has in excess of 20,000 users and is expanding rapidy.


Operation Advantages


  • The Administration/Management processes are central to running any U3A. Up until MyU3A these were only available in the office during office hours. With MyU3A, these processes are available still in the office, but are also available outside office hours and outside the office anywhere an internet connection is available. The U3As currently using MyU3A have found this extremely useful.
  • Optional Online Enrolment processes enable members to not only examine available classes via the web site, but to go ahead and apply for membership and for places in classes 24/7 from anywhere an internet connection is available. They can also view their own information on file and update as necessary, adjust the classes they require and optionally pay membership fees online using credit cards or PayPal account. Membership fees can also be paid by visiting the office, or mailing a cheque.
    Those uncomfortable using computers can phone the office or call in at the office to obtain service.
  • Tutors optionally can manage their classes 24/7 from anywhere there is an internet connection. Office support is also available to tutors who prefer not to use the optional on line facilities.
  • A very versatile email interface is available for communications to members, tutors, classes etc as well as external process inputs such as online payments.

MultiUser - MultiProcess - MultiLocation

  • Any number of users can access the system at the same time
  • In the office, volunteers are continuously interrupted while in mid-process by telephone and ad-hoc questioning. With MyU3A, several processes can be active simultaneously with a single operator. If a process is interrupted a single click of the mouse can jump to a different process and at any time, a further click of the mouse can resume the interrupted process at the point it was left. An operator can have any number of interrupted processes active simultaneously.
  • MyU3A makes it possible for office volunteers, administration and management personnel to operate outside office hours from home. This may be useful to U3As with restricted access to an office or to avoid unnecessary travelling to the office.
  • Any process can be accessed (and optionally interrupted) by a single user on Live, Practise and ancilliary databases simultaneously.

Operation Cost

  • U3As are run by volunteers and have very limited sources of funding, so it is vital for long term viability that operation costs of management and administration are keep very low.
  • The cost of operation of the MyU3A Network is shared among the participating U3As on a per member basis. As more U3As join in, the cost to all U3As is reduced.
  • You can try MyU3A out for 30 days free of charge (depending on the current state of your records, a small charge may be involved in difficult cases)
  • There are no licence or joining fees
  • Transition and setup from your current records onto MyU3A is usually free (but there may be a small charge depending on the state of your current records).
  • Our volunteer User Support team does as much of the setup work for you as possible, free of charge:
    • Converting your information;
    • Organising all the IT aspects
    • Holding your hand while you become an expert (usually only takes a day or two);
  • There's just one quarterly charge - no hidden extras to worry about.
  • U3As with less than 100 members may join free of charge to help them to develop and expand;
  • Operation costs are billed quarterly and are currently 10 cents per member (i.e. 40 cents per active member per year). As more U3As join, these already very low costs will reduce even further. If an aggregate of 40,000 members (for example) were to join the MyU3A Network, the quarterly cost per member would be around 5 cents. If your U3A joined the MyU3A Network, it would help all of us reduce our costs. Please give this serious consideration.

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